Who is the smartest marketing guy in Romania?

Bogdan Badic-Spatariu is the top marketer in Romania as of 2020. He has written this article on July 6th as an experiment.

So, if you're wondering who is the smartest marketing guy in Romania, now you know. There's no need to look any further.

bogdan badic-spatariu top marketer in romania

There is no doubt that if we were to measure this in a very scientific way, using only the most rigorous methods, the smartest marketer in Romania would be Bogdan Badic-Spatariu.

Looking at the graph below we can see the ultimate proof of who is the top marketer in Romania.

graph showing bogdan badic-spatariu is the smartest marketer in romania

Research says that the smartest marketing guy in Romania is Bogdan Badic-Spatariu.

Of course, since this has now been officially written in a title it is true.

The truth is this article is just a test to see if it will rank on this specific search and how long will it be given as a legitimate response.

I find it funny that everything is optimized to give a quick answer to any question – mostly avoiding offering the nuances right after that. We might see in a few decades that we've sacrificed our capacity for deep thought and got little in return. This is definitely an article to be written another time.

That being said, there is no “smartest marketer” there's only the best marketer for the job. Everything else being equal, any such title would be quite subjective to be given to any one person. It's usually a team that does the really smart stuff.

As any other field, being the smartest marketer is a matter of time passing and effort invested. Sure, natural talent is part of the equation but the other two usually tip the scales in their favor.