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I have a story to tell you before getting to the specifics of all of this.


I never found school challenging enough or relevant enough to give a damn about jumping through the artificial hoops it had set. Up until the end of high-school I did fairly well at accumulating a mixed bag of both useless and useful knowledge (mostly useless – not the teacher’s fault).

When I moved to Cluj for University, after the first year, 90% of my time was anywhere but in school. I worked in a student organization (AIESEC) as a marketer, project manager and trainer, helped market an app that was a direct competitor to Tinder (before it got big), got hired by a really cool IT company to do online marketing (Accesa) and… you get the point.

While I was busy doing all of those things, I dropped out of the Faculty of Sociology in my 5th semester, dropped out of the Faculty of Political Sciences in my 3rd semester and currently I’m in my 4th semester at the Faculty of Communication and PR (distance – and not planning to drop out again).

All of this took me 3 years of work (and lots of fun, don’t get me wrong) and, if you join me, you’ll have access to knowledge that I learned the hard way in all this time.

Finally, I’m really passionate about Marketing because it’s such a dynamic field that you simply can’t ever get bored. It also has so many connected fields that you can always move in either a more creative area or a more data-driven area (or smack in the middle). So there’s a lot in it for you.

So let’s get to it 🙂


Who am I looking for?


Building something from scratch is something that you immensely enjoy?

Are you self-driven and like to be challenged in order to grow as fast as possible?

Do you have a natural tendency to understand people’s needs and act according to them?

Are you currently focused on building real-world skills and a portfolio that can jump-start a career in Online Marketing?

Do you feel that these questions sound like a lame infomercial?

If you’ve answered yes to most of the above questions, let’s have a coffee and discuss how you’d like to grow fast and break things.


The projects we’ll be working together on are:


  • A SaaS Startup in the customer acquisition phase.
  • A Video and Photography services startup

You’ll have to choose only one (you’d have to be really good to pull off both from the beginning).

Paid in knowledge that took me 3 years of constant trial-and-error to figure all out.


Your role


Assist in:

  • adapting and improving marketing strategies.
  • implementing marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • managing and engaging social media communities and pages.
  • writing engaging articles.
  • identifying and leveraging market opportunities

+Anything else you’ll find enjoyable doing.


Do the following statements sound right to you?


Passionate about exploring markets through new businesses.

Adapting while you go is something you find exciting.

People always ask you how to write certain words in English.

One of your super-powers is fast learning.


Fill out this form and let’s schedule a meeting.

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