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Contrary to popular belief and my mother’s, as a marketer I don’t manipulate people.

Although you may argue that conversion optimization does just that. The thing is we don’t trick you into buying, we eliminate barriers for buying and increase incentives.

We are the mediators between the buyer (you) and the business that is striving to grow and satisfy needs in exchange for money.


Since the dawn of civilization, businesses and consumers had a transactional relationship based on mutual agreement.

Are there marketers that sell shit products? Yes there are plenty of those.

You see, it all boils down to personal values. If I value business success no matter what then I will sell you shit sugary-water products and non-nutritious food.

I will use all sorts of manipulative tactics into growing the bottom line for the business, regardless if it hurts consumers.

I and many others more will never push a product that is shit or god forbid harmful to people.

As everything else it boils down to people. People can be good, bad and irresponsible. As marketers and fellow consumers we too fall into those three categories.

Ogilvy said that if you wouldn’t convince your wife to buy some shitty product, you should not convince other people’s wives to do it. You’re just being irresponsible.

As mediators between the consumers and the businesses we have a sacred duty to improve the world in which we live. There is no progress if businesses don’t innovate and try to satisfy consumers’ needs. It’s a win-win relationship that has gotten us out of the caves and into the 21st century lifestyle.

Problems are a constant but only by working together can we make sure the economy can grow and push the quality of life higher and into space exploration.


The international Space Station – to be fully managed by private enterprises by 2024

Businesses are not governments where they count on threats to control a population. Businesses are the direct servants of consumers. A CEO is not a boss, he’s the first employee of the customer.

Everything boils down to human nature. We are capable of such extraordinary things and terrible things as well. The irresponsible have no excuse.

As a marketer and fellow consumer I urge you to judge people by character and not by their job. Jobs come and go but character lasts forever.

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